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005. Convert/Rip DVD movies to Zune!
Please Note: With RZ DVD COPY v4.x/RZ DVD Ripper, you can directly rip any DVD movies to Zune videos or audios.
Related Software: RZ DVD COPY v4.x & RZ DVD Ripper
If you want to convert/rip any DVD movie(such as "THE RETURN OF THE KING") to play on your Zune player, you can:
Step 1: Run RZ DVD COPY v4 or RZ DVD Rippper first

Step 2: Click the source arrow button, select the DVD drive which have inserted the source DVD(For example: "THE RETURN OF THE KING" in my DVD drive H:).
    Please note:
    Copy from DVD disc: Select the DVD drive loading DVD disc you will convert it.
    Copy from DVD movie folder: Click "Browse directory...", then select an existing harddisk DVD movie folder as source.(You should specify the root DVD movie folder, such as "THE RETURN OF THE KING", instead of its sub folders "Audio_TS" and "Video_TS".)
    Copy from *.ISO file: Click "Browse image...", then select an existing DVD movie ISO file(*.iso) as source.

Step 3: Click the target arrow button, select Save as video file...
             You should select a hard drive folder to save the ripped Zune video files. Here I select "E:\zune\"

Step 4: Set the Target Profile "Zune Windows Media 8 Movie(640x480)(.wmv) Default for Zune ", the program will use the appropriate setting to convert video DVD to the good Zune video files that can be played on any Zune devices.
             You can check "Merge", to merge the ripped video files into one video file.

Step 5: Click Start button, rip DVD movie("THE RETURN OF THE KING") to Zune wmv video file(E:\zune\).

Step 6: Once convert finished, go to the target folder(E:\zune\), then transfer the zune wmv video files into your Zune player.
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