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How the Video Furnace system works?
Video Furnace System 4 offers an end-to-end software solution built upon the MPEG standard that utilizes your private high speed IP network to deliver TV-quality full-motion live and pre-encoded content to desktops and set top box connected televisions.
Content is encoded in real-time. Output streams are fully MPEG-1 MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 compliant at bit rates from 300 Kbps to 12 Mbps. No separate hardware encoders/decoders or platform-specific players are required. An optional encryption module (AES compliant) is available for sensitive content.
The Video Furnace solution consists of the following administrative components:
Live Server manages output of multicast data from live sources
Station Manager enables you to create broadcast stations and schedules
VFNow! makes your digitized assets available on request
Asset Manager enables editing, digitizing, bookmarking, and archiving
License Server manages access authorizations and licensing compliance
Message Server ability to broadcast messages to all open viewers
Archive Server ability to capture and store live data for later use
OnGuide Server integrated with the viewer, a complete interactive line-up of all your channels and/or video assets
The Video Furnace system enables the end to end solution with the patent-pending InStreamâ„¢ viewer:

inStreamâ„¢ Viewer enables all Windows, Mac OS X and Linux users to watch video with the simple click of a button. Nothing to install, nothing to download, the viewer just shows up on your desktop, never writes anything to your hard drives and completely disappears when your done watching your video. Completely intergrated electronic program guide so your video assets and channels are as easy to access as a digital television guide. The Video Furnace system completes the solution with the real time reporting system:

Reports Manager reports on all activities of the system which enables multiple departments to interrogate usage, delivery and Quality of Service. These activities are monitored and reported in a real time graphical interface to the system administrators.

VF Monitor makes it extremely easy with the monitoring software module. It allows your network operations center to view all video channels simultaneously by utilizing a PC and a single large screen display to report on the status of all channels with pertinent data to determine the quality and availability of all services.
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