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K5 DVD Related: CSS - Region Code - Macrovision - ARccOS - DVD-5 - DVD-9 - DVD Title - DVD Chapter - Blu-ray DVD
KnowledgeBase - 5 - DVD Related
K5 DVD Related: CSS - Region Code - Macrovision - ARccOS - DVD-5 - DVD-9 - DVD Title - DVD Chapter - Blu-ray DVD
CSS - Content Scramble System
It is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) scheme used on almost all commercially produced DVD-Video discs. It utilizes a proprietary 40-bit stream cipher algorithm. The system was introduced around 1996 and has subsequently been compromised.
It is a data encryption and authentication scheme intended to prevent copying video files directly from DVD-Video discs.
Region Code
Motion picture studios want to control the home release of movies in different countries because theater releases aren't simultaneous. Also, studios sell distribution rights to different foreign distributors and would like to guarantee an exclusive market. Therefore they required that the DVD standard include codes to prevent playback of certain discs in certain geographical regions. Each player is given a code for the region in which it's sold. The player will refuse to play discs that are not coded for its region. This means that a disc bought in one country may not play on a player bought in another country. However, discs without region locks will play on any player in any country. Region Coding divides the world into 8 regions:
  • Region 1: U.S., Canada, U.S. Territories
  • Region 2: Japan, Europe, South Africa, and Middle East (including Egypt)
  • Region 3: Southeast Asia and East Asia (including Hong Kong)
  • Region 4: Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Central America, Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean
  • Region 5: Eastern Europe (Former Soviet Union), Indian subcontinent, Africa, North Korea, and Mongolia
  • Region 6: China
  • Region 7: Reserved
  • Region 8: Special international venues (airplanes, cruise ships, etc.)
An analog video copy protection scheme that alters the unseen part of a video signal such that a VCR or other Macrovision enabled device may not record the video signal properly. Symptoms of this include picture fading in and out or color banding of the signal.
ARccOS - Advanced Regional Copy Control Operating Solution
It is a copy-protection system developed by Sony used on some DVDs. Designed as an additional layer to be used in conjunction with Content Scramble System (CSS), the system deliberately creates corrupted sectors on the DVD, which cause copying software to produce errors. Allegedly, "normal" DVD players do not read these sectors since they follow a set of instructions encoded on the disc telling them to skip them. However, many users with "normal" DVD players still report unplayable discs, and in some cases total lock-up of their players. Less sophisticated DVD copying programs do not follow these instructions and instead try to read every sector on the disk sequentially, including the bad ones. One of the first movies with this protection was Resident Evil: Apocalypse
DVD-5(D5): DVD-5 is a single sided single layer DVD that stores up to about 4.7 GB = 4 700 000 000 bytes and that is 4.38 computer GB where 1 kbyte is 1024 bytes(Over 2 hours of video). Video DVD, DVD-R/W and DVD+R/W supports this format. Often referred to as "single sided, single layer". This is the most common DVD Media, often called 4.7 GB Media.
DVD-9(D9): DVD-9 is a single sided dual layer DVD, holds around 8 540 000 000 bytes and that is 7.95 computer GB(Over 4 hours of video). This media is called DVD+R9, DVD DL-RW, DVD DL+R or Dual-layer 8.5GB Media. RZ DVD COPY support D9 to D5 copy.
DVD Title
The Maximum amount of titles in one DVD is 99.
DVD Chapter
The Maximum amount of chapters in one DVD Title is 99.
Blu-ray DVD
Blu-ray Disc (also known as Blu-ray or BD) is an optical disc storage medium. Its main uses are high-definition video and data storage. The disc has the same physical dimensions as standard DVDs and CDs.
The name Blu-ray Disc is derived from the blue laser (violet-colored) used to read and write this type of disc. Because of the wavelength (405 nanometres), substantially more data can be stored on a Blu-ray Disc than on the DVD format, which uses a red (650 nm) laser. A two-layer Blu-ray Disc can store 50 gigabytes, almost six times the capacity of a two-layer DVD, or ten and a half times that of a single-layer DVD.
During the format war over high-definition optical discs, Blu-ray Disc competed with the HD DVD format. On February 19, 2008, Toshiba—the main company supporting HD DVD—announced that it would no longer develop, manufacture, or market HD DVD players and recorders, leading almost all other HD DVD companies to follow suit, effectively ending the format war.
Technical specifications
Type Physical size Single layer capacity Dual layer capacity
Standard disc size 12 cm, single sided 25 GB (23.28 GiB) 50 GB (46.56 GiB)
Mini disc size 8 cm, single sided 7.8 GB (7.26 GiB) 15.6 GB (14.53 GiB)

Resolution Frame rate Aspect ratio Codec
1920x1080 59.94-i, 50-i 16:9  
1920x1080 24-p, 23.976-p 16:9  
1440x1080 59.94-i, 50-i 16:9 MPEG-4 AVC / SMPTE VC-1 only
1440x1080 24-p, 23.976-p 16:9 MPEG-4 AVC / SMPTE VC-1 only
1280x720 59.94-i, 50-i 16:9  
1280x720 24-p, 23.976-p 16:9  
720x480 59.94-i 4:3/16:9  
720x576 50-i 4:3/16:9  
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