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    Our RegNow Company Name: RealZeal Soft
    Our RegNow vendor ID: 18993

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    Product PAD URL RegNow Product ID
    RZ Video Converter 18993-1
    RZ Video Converter Lite 18993-24
    RZ Audio Converter 18993-23
    RZ DVD Creator 18993-17
    RZ DVD COPY 18993-2
    RZ DVD Ripper 18993-25
    RZ DVD COPY Express 18993-26
    RZ Mobile Converter 18993-3
    RZ iPod Converter 18993-4
    RZ PSP Converter 18993-5
    RZ FLV Converter 18993-6
    RZ MP4 Converter 18993-7
    RZ 3GP Converter 18993-8
    RZ AVI Converter 18993-9
    RZ Zune Converter 18993-10
    RZ ZEN Converter 18993-11
    RZ Xbox360 Converter 18993-12
    RZ MPEG Converter 18993-13
    RZ WMV Converter 18993-14
    RZ Ogg Vorbis Converter 18993-15
    RZ MOV Converter 18993-16
    RZ DVD Author 18993-18
    RZ AVI To DVD Converter 18993-19
    RZ MP4 To DVD Converter 18993-20
    RZ FLV To DVD Converter 18993-21
    RZ WMV To DVD Converter 18993-22
    RZ MP3 Converter Freeware
    RZ Free Burner Freeware
    RZ Slideshow DVD Maker 18993-30
    RZ PowerPoint Converter Platinum 18993-31
    RZ PowerPoint Converter VideoPro 18993-32
    RZ PowerPoint Converter DVDPro 18993-33
    RZ PowerPoint Converter Free Freeware
    Our Affiliate Program Policy Agreement
  • Affiliates must not use "RealZeal", "RealZeal soft", "RealZeal soft Official", "RZsoft", "RZsoft Official" or similar wording in any advertising, which may mislead consumers.
  • Affiliates must not do any ads on any search engine/site for keyword "RealZeal", "RZsoft", or similar wording.
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  • All right reserved by RealZeal Soft Inc.
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    • Customer profile
    • Product profile
    • Customer service offered
    • Ideas on how you plan to sell RealZeal Family of Products
    Send your email to, we will contact you personally after reviewing your application to discuss further steps.

    More detailed information about being a RealZeal Series Software distributor:
    • No need to purchase a minimum amount of licenses within a certain period.
    • No physical delivery of licenses necessary; licenses are delivered electronically by email. This means there won't be any extra costs for shipping.
    • You will order your customers' registration keys using our special ordering system.
    • Registration keys arrive within 48 hours at the very most. Normally you will receive your customers registration keys within a few hours.
    • Payment: You will receive a monthly invoice listing all orders and the total amount due. Payment is accepted via international money transfer.
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